Primary Education (from ages 6 to 12) is a fundamental educational stage in the evolution of a child. The teaching we provide at this stage encourages the development of critical thinking, investigative and communication skills, social skills and self-management skills. It prepares children to be able to meet the intellectual and personal challenges they will encounter in secondary education and in their own lives.

Learning experiences within PEP focus on cross-disciplinary theme-based inquiries. Cross-disciplinary learning helps students to explore as well as enabling them to discover connections between subjects and construct meaning. This results in relevant learning that extends beyond the context of the subjects to connect to the real world.

Since the student participates in the elaboration of the cross-disciplinary programming, they become the active protagonists of their own learning, where the final objective is to undertake actions that imply significant changes in oneself, in others and in their environment. We cannot only produce values from thought; we must put them into action.

Research Project

The teaching of Primary Education is completed with the presentation of the PEP research project in the sixth grade. This is a group research project about a topic chosen by the students based on their personal interests; once all the work is done, an exhibition is made for the Educational Community at the end of the course.

Primary School Hours

  • Mornings from 9.00 h. to 13.00 h.
  • Afternoons from 15.00 h. to 17.00 h.