actividades extraescolares


Educating in Leisure Time

For El Valle International College it is part of our commitment to offer students a set of activities that, beyond the education they receive in the classroom, complement and enrich their development and stimulate their creativity.

The extracurricular activities at our school are real opportunities for students as they can help them to discover and develop specific skills in multiple areas of expertise.

The aim is to awaken interests and talents in our students and, at the same time, to deliver countless benefits at the intellectual, physical, social and emotional levels.

In addition, extracurricular activities enhance the student’s positive sense of belonging to the school. In this sense, it fosters their autonomy and self-esteem and encourages responsibility in managing their free time and improves relationships among their peers. It has been demonstrated that the involvement of students in these activities leads to a healthier development and favours the virtues of competitiveness, cooperation and respect for others.

Our school covers a wide range of activities that meet the usual demands of families: learning languages, playing instruments and other cultural activities.


Download the offer and schedule of activities: