At El Valle International College we offer the best services to our students’ families. These include first class facilities with a dining room with its own kitchen, nursery service and highly qualified medical and psycho-pedagogical staff.

Dining room with its own kitchen

The menu is prepared daily in our centre’s kitchen with fresh, top quality products. In addition, special menus are prepared by medical prescription (food allergies, Celiac disease, bland diets) and personalized for those students who opt for a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Morning and afternoon nursery

  • Mornings: 7.30 to 9.00 h. Includes breakfast service until 8.30 h.
  • Afternoons: 17.00 to 18.00 h.

Medical Staff

The objective of the Medical Service of the School El Valle de Alicante is the early detection of possible anomalies to avoid future health problems. Our medical department does not diagnose illnesses, but it does facilitate the application of specific treatments to our students which will be determined and carried out by those specialists considered by the family itself. Our doctor carries out the medical examination of all students annually and this medical report is sent to all families. If they wish, they can make an appointment for consultation or clarification.

Psych-pedagogical Office

The objective of the Psycho-pedagogical Cabinet of the School El Valle de Alicante is to contribute to the development of the capacities of our students and to collaborate with the teaching staff to foresee the appearance of generalized learning problems. In addition, our psychologist helps our students in the moments of greater difficulty, like the change of cycle and the choice between different subjects. She also collaborates with teachers and families in dealing with behavioural problems should they arise.