From the beginning, El Valle international college has been committed to the incorporation of new technology in the classroom, given the methodological advantages it offers, since it not only enriches the curriculum, but also acts as a motivating element for the students and is especially useful in supporting certain learning difficulties.

Since 2014, all students from 5th year of Primary School have been able to carry out their inquiries, their work and their learning using a laptop computer which has replaced the traditional backpack with textbooks, for digital books.

The students from Nursery Education until 4th of Primary have iPads that allow them to approach different learning experiences according to their ages, as well as prepare and teach them on the responsible use of electronic devices. This allows One-to-One teaching, adapting to the needs of each student and offering a personalized and quality education.

Alfabetización digital: cada alumno tiene un ordenador portátil de su propiedad desde 5º de Educación Primaria en adelante.