The KiVa programme aims to end bullying in schools. It was launched in Finland in 2006 and has since been exported to countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Italy and New Zealand. In all schools where it has been implemented, KiVa has proven to be a useful method in the fight against classroom bullying.

Since November 2018, El Valle International College Alicante has incorporated this community programme, whose strategy is based on three actions against bullying:

1. Prevention, by means of awareness-raising dynamics aimed at the entire Educational Community, that is, teachers, students and parents.

2. Intervention in existing or emerging situations, through the application of effective mediation protocols with a fundamentally pedagogical objective.

3. And supervision and follow-up of all cases received until their disappearance.

KiVa’s management is carried out by all the teachers coordinated by a group of teachers (the KiVa Team) who ensure that El Valle International College Alicante continues to be considered one of the safest schools in the whole of the Valencian Community.