In our increasingly interrelated and rapidly changing world, El Valle International College Alicante, in alignment with the IB programmes aim to develop an international mindset in local and global contexts.

New challenges that are not defined by traditional boundaries, they therefore demand that students develop the creativity and imagination necessary to live productively and responsibly in a complex world.

Intercultural understanding involves recognizing and reflecting on one’s own and others’ perspectives. The aim is to learn about the world’s rich cultural heritage and to respect and value our diversity and interconnectedness.

It is therefore essential to learn to communicate in more than one language.


El Valle International College Alicante is a bilingual school in which almost all subjects are taught in English, with German incorporated as a second foreign language from year four onwards. Among the more than thirty extra-curricular activities offered, advanced English and German, Chinese and Russian courses are offered, and students are prepared to pass the official English and German exams, in addition to organizing exchange trips.

Our TWO THOUSAND project is an elaborate multilingualism programme, based on encouraging oral expression and comprehension based on natural language learning, starting in early childhood, in the first year of Infant Education.

Students can access tests that evaluate their level as well as provide them with the possibility of achieving official qualifications.

Primary YLE – KEY
Second of Secondary PET A1 – B1
Fourth of Secondary FCE A2 – B2
Second of Baccalaureate CAE – CPE