In the early childhood education stage at El Valle International College, we integrate the teaching of the International Baccalaureate Programme within our own educational project, called Kianda, which was developed since the centre’s founding by the Early Childhood Education faculty. This conjunction allows us to attend to the child’s holistic development through learning experiences based on inquiries according to the cross-disciplinary themes of the PYP.

Aware of the importance of establishing the foundations of learning in the first years of life, Kianda’s Project is based on Early Stimulation and focuses its attention on the individual needs and learning pace of each child. This methodological approach is complemented by the AGENCY, which is the central idea of PEP that encourages each student to be the active protagonist of their own learning process by means of their own experiences and interests.

Through this system, the Pre-school students receive training in various subjects of the curriculum, as well as carrying out other activities, such as: chess, violin, psychomotor skills, training in emotional intelligence, musical auditions, intelligence quizzes, swimming, and English. All of these activities are accompanied by a parent orientation programme.

Nursery School Hours

  • Mornings from 9.00 h. to 13.00 h.
  • Afternoons from 15.00 h. to 17.00 h.
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