High-quality education in Alicante

Our Mission and Vision

El Valle International School Alicante bases its educational project on encouraging students to develop their physical, ethical and intellectual potential in a responsible way so that they are capable, now and in the future, of leading lives that add value to the world, and of taking actions that have a positive influence on themselves, on others and on the planet, through quality teaching.

The Tree
of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge
represents a source of
permanent and constantly
growing wisdom
that grows and bears fruit
with daily effort.

The Sport

We believe that sport is fundamental for our students, not only because of its health benefits, but also because of the values it brings dedication, confidence, teamwork, self-improvement and experience.

The Emblem

The emblem encompasses all
the new elements that define us,
knowledge, know-how,
international outlook, effort
and quality education.
It represents our organization
as a prestigious brand.

The World

The World as the stage
where we can put
into practice the knowledge
we have acquired and
use it as a space for learning,
as a School we have
a total international mindset.

WE ARE the first school in the Valencian Community to belong to the international network of schools in the world with a presence in


Former student's opinions


Alejandro Garach

‘Currently, I am working at Amazon’s EU HQ in Luxembourg. It has been quite an adventure since I left El Valle though. Still thankful on how they helped me drive further the milestones I was starting dreaming of back in the classroom.’

EQUIPO MULTIMEDIA – 9ok copia_opt

Mónica Aracil

‘What I remember most about my time at the school are the trips abroad and the outings we took. Italy, France, Germany, etc… The international approach of the education received at the School has allowed me to be currently living in Italy’.


Alejandro del Olmo

‘Thanks to the education I received at school, I was able to train as a sociologist and I am currently starting my professional career within Digital Marketing. Even 5 years after graduating, El Valle International College Alicante is like a second home to me’.


Juanda Saborido

‘My time at school has marked a very important stage in my life. It has moulded me as a person, and laid the foundations for studying Biochemical Engineering, thanks to well trained teachers who guided and advised me in the very best way possible’.


Javier Iturbe

‘In spite of being a student of the College for a short time, I had the benefit of excellent teachers who helped me in my formation and personal growth. This has marked the future of my working life and I had the opportunity to make some everlasting friendships while at the school’.